Soundlag 4525C is a pipe wrap comprising of 5 kg/m2 flexible acoustic barrier bonded to 25 mm thick flexible convoluted foam. The function of the foam is to provide acoustic decoupling between the pipe’s noise energy and the 5 kg/m2 flexible acoustic barrier external wrap, resulting in superior performance. The external face of the barrier is bonded to an aluminum foil providing a fire resistant covering.


Soundlag 4525C has been developed as an easy to use acoustic treatment that reduces noise breakout from pipes. The unique flexibility of the polymer-based noise barrier provides superior performance and allows even the smallest pipes to be lagged effectively. It’s independently tested in laboratory conditions and in situ to give proven consistent performance. Leading consultants specify Soundlag 4525C with confidence.

Low maintenance with a long service life, the aluminium foil facing provides a robust lifetime surface finish, ensuring protection from damage and improved fire resistance.




Section F5.6 of the Building Code of Australia requires that:

“If a duct, soil, waste or water supply pipe, including a duct or pipe that is located in a wall or floor cavity, serves or passes through more than one sole-occupancy unit, the duct or pipe must be separated from the rooms of any sole-occupancy unit by construction with an RW + Ctr (airborne) not less than -

(i) 40 if the adjacent room is a habitable room (other than a kitchen); or (ii) 25 if the

adjacent room is a kitchen or non-habitable room.”



Soundlag 4525C is easily cut to size with a knife or scissors, minimising wastage. Simply wrap Soundlag 4525C around the pipe and then use high quality aluminium tape to join the product together. Drillfast recommends an overlap at all joins to eliminate potential flanking noise.



When designing a system using Soundlag 4525C, penetrations through ceilings must be taken into account to ensure effective sound reduction especially from down-lights, air conditioning ducting, access hatches and where lightweight ceilings such as mineral fibre tiles are used.


Did you know?

Manufacturers of HDPE and HDPP heavy density acoustic pipes also recommend acoustically lagging pipes with products such as Soundlag 4525C to comply with building codes.



Soundlag 4525C is easily installed using a high quality, self adhesive, reinforced foil tape. To ensure a high quality fit-out, place 3 circumferential wraps of foil tape every 300 - 400 mm, i.e. 3 wraps per 1 m length of pipe.



Foil facing

Soundlag 4525C uses a strong aluminium foil facing, giving improved fire resistance and increased mechanical strength.


Noise barrier (5 kg/m²)

The Soundlag 4525C acoustic barrier reduces noise through it’s unique construction.

The specialist fillers create a heavy flexible mass barrier, maximising noise reduction.

Soundlag’s uniquely flexible and naturally inert nature allows effective, easy installation, essential in achieving a noise-tight seal.


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