Made with a longitudinal welded aluminum layer with layers of x-linked polyethylene for gas and multilayer PEX profile for water, CXL provides excellent strength characteristics and has excellent resistance to pressure making it ideal choice for gas and potable water distribution for all commercial projects throughout Australia.

For plumbing system installations of all sizes.

CXL, The versatile solution

CXL multi-layered universal pipe fittings can be used on water pipes up to 25mm and gas pipes up to 63mm. Drillfast has and extensive range of CXL fittings for every application and also has supporting clips such as Quick clips for securing piping to walls and ceilings.

CXL Certification

CXL Multi-layered pipe holds a 15 year manufacturers guarantee and complies with all relevant Australian Standards as will as holding 17 independent global certifications. Laboratory aging tests have calculated it to last more than 50 years so you can be confident you are using a top quality product.

Crimping with forcelogic

Installing CXL fittings couldn’t be easier!! Every fitting comes standard with double crimp rings creating complete seal everytime.

To expediate the crimping process, Drillfast have made Milwaukee Tools ForceLogic Tool available which adds an even faster install to the rapid install system. This 18v tool is compatible with jaws from 18 to 63mm sizes and can be used with existing batteries from your other 18v tools purchased from Drillfast.

Download the brochure here.

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