Drillfast World Plumbing day flying disc


Did you know that plumbing improves the world?

At Drillfast, we acknowledge the vital importance that the work and effort of thousands of plumbers in Queensland and around the world brings to society. With our extensive range of high-quality products, fast delivery, and experienced advice, our promise is to keep being the best plumber partner on-site.

World plumbing day is in two weeks but we are so excited to celebrate that we can’t wait! From now until March 11, we will be celebrating world Plumbing Day and we want you to be part of this celebration! For any order over $499 + GST, you will get a FREE DRILLFAST FLYING DISC! Because you deserve some fun when you are not saving the world!

Don't forget to share the good times! Take a photo enjoying the Drillfast flying disc and tag us on our social media or send it to marketing@drillfast.com.au

Drillfast World Plumbing day flying disc

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