Soundlag 4525C is a pipe wrap comprising of 5 kg/m2 flexible acoustic barrier bonded to 25 mm thick flexible convoluted foam. The function of the foam is to provide acoustic decoupling between the pipe’s noise energy and the 5 kg/m2 flexible acoustic barrier external wrap, resulting in superior performance. The external face of the barrier is bonded to an aluminum foil providing a fire resistant covering.


Soundlag 4525C has been developed as an easy to use acoustic treatment that reduces noise breakout from pipes. The unique flexibility of the polymer-based noise barrier provides superior performance and allows even the smallest pipes to be lagged effectively. It’s independently tested in laboratory conditions and in situ to give proven consistent performance. Leading consultants specify Soundlag 4525C with confidence.

  • Low maintenance with a long service life, the aluminium foil facing provides a robust lifetime surface finish, ensuring protection from damage and improved fire resistance.
  • Easiest pipelag product on the market to cut, wrap & install
  • Most widely specified by leading acoustic & EMP (electrical, mechanical & plumbing) consultants
  • Highly flexible, allowing it to conform to the smallest diameter pipes & bends (has no memory)
  • No odour & non irritant
  • No solvents or adhesives used during manufacture
  • Complies with building standard regulations for low VOC emission
  • Ten year warranty
  • Available world wide

Find out more about Soundlag here.

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