Drillfast, in conjunction with Snap Fire Systems, has launched the NEW Ultra-Low Profile Floor Waste Collar. This cast in collar suits a 100mm 4-way riser, and is only 67mm high!


Ideal for casting-in pipework to significantly reduce costs:
• Increases the speed of installation
• Eliminates additional penetrations
• Reduces under-slab clipping and lagging
• Increases head height below soffit

Perfect for: 
• Laundry and bathroom installations
• Balcony outlets
• Water meter cupboard drains

Extremely versatile:
• Any number of branches of the 4-way riser can be used as Floor Wastes or Stacks in any combination
• The central pipework can be either a Floor Waste or Stack

Example configurations as below:

UL100FWS configuration 2UL100FWS configuration 1

Remember, Snap Fire Collars are independently tested, and all test reports are available.

Check out the Product Flyer here

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