Fire Rating

Drillfast is here for you. Let our qualified consultants guide you throughout the complete project process starting from design, pre-built system approvals, project-specific passive fire systems booklets, on-going site inspection, final compliance documentation, system reports as well as the on-going technical advice.

We are pleased to have this opportunity to supply a full range of passive fire protection products on your projects, existing and new.

Total Technical Management (TTM)

We are your partner for fire-rated installation. We can help customers with technical issues, quantities and regulation when planning your next project.

From our rapid 3 minute closing, spring-loaded, Floor Waste and Stack Cast-In Fire Collars, to our flexible collar or fire-rated mastics, we can provide you with a fully approved and certified fire stop system for every project.

With Retrofit Fire Collars up to an amazing 315mm diameter, we can safely fire rate even those large PVC & HDPE pipes.

     Product Range