Total Technical Management

Total Technical Management System for compliance is designed to manage your requirements in relation to the passive fire requirements on commercial construction projects.

This program is set up to allow for customisation for each project and suited to both the contractors and subcontractors unique needs on-site.

The management system helps to control risk and downtime ensuring accountability and ease.

total technical management

Phase 1

1. Pre-Start Meeting

■   Understanding of requirements specifically for the project including FRL’s, wall, floor and shaft types & FER’s.

■   Set up of standardized format for a contractor, for ease of use by both the subcontractors and Building Certifier.

■   Consideration of Non-Conforming Building Products to reduce risk and increase compliance.

■   Consideration of Chain of Responsibility to ensure risk mitigation.

pre start meeting

2. Product Selection and Training

■   Product and installation overview and fit-for-purpose review.

■   Training manual established and issued, with the option to customise per subcontractor.

■   Supply chain controls as required.

product selection and training

Phase 2

3. Installation

■  Subcontractor engagement and feedback.

■  TTM System Application for ease of access to approved systems, live data feed and reporting.

■  Labelling, photographs and installation of systems where necessary.


4. Inspection

■  On-site inspections by qualified and experienced Fire certifiers.

■  Record of site inspections for compliance.

■  Proven rectification process where required.

■  Inspections based on technical install manuals to remove surprises and delays.

inspection on site

Phase 3

5. Certification

■   Issue of Form 16 upon completion of the project.

■   Separate Form 16’s can be issued subject to sectional portions and subcontractor requirements.

■   Dedicated contact enabling streamlined process for certification.


6. Documentation

■   Single platform for documents enables easy control and issue of paperwork.

■   Available in both hardcopy and softcopy documentation.

■   End-to-end documentation linking pre-start documents, install manual and on-site inspections.


Regulatory Bodies

Testing Laboratories

Standards and References

Brochure Download

Please click on the image to download the flyer for a comprehensive overview of the system.

Total Technical Management brochure