Snap Stack Riser Collars




  • Cluster up to a maximum of 20 (10 x 2) collars
  • Wide range of pipe types and sizes
  • Fittings can be used inside the collar for all pipe types
  • No sealing of annular gaps of less than 10mm
  •  Square base with connector clips for easy installation
  • Rated up to 4 hours on single collar installations
  • All testing undertaken by independent laboratories
  • ISO 9001 Accredited 3rd party production accreditation – so you can be sure that what was tested is the same as what is produced!

How good is that?!

For further details, and a detailed list of approved applications, talk to the Technical team and certifiers at Drillfast Pty Ltd today on 1300 923 414.

Things are happening at Drillfast… and fast!!

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