Drillfast offers a range of services including design for application, supply, delivery to site and sourcing product.

Our staff can help you and your business with industry specific solutions and suggestions of alternative solutions that may be more innovative giving you the competitive edge you need.

Drillfast R&D continue to provide new solutions for everyday problems on site.

Drillfast’s comprehensive range benefits you by saving you the most important commodity… time!

Drillfast Plumbing Tradesheet
Drillfast Plumbing & HVAC


Plumbing – With ever-changing standards in the industry we have a solution like the CXL pipping system which can cut your time on site.

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Drillfast Air Conditioning Tradesheet
Drillfast Plumbing & HVAC

Air Conditioning

Air-conditioning – HVAC supply specialist from Anti-vibration to Framo to Z brackets, the solution is with Drillfast!

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Drillfast Electrical Tradesheet
Drillfast Electrical


Electrical – Exacting standards and Excellence are required in the electrical trade, here is the solution to match. Have you tried the small, strong and quick Mini Channel?

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Drillfast Fire Services Tradesheet
Drillfast Fire Ratings

Fire Services

Fire Services – We have the full range of trusted support systems for fire services and are continuing to roll out hot new products.

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Drillfast Fire Ratings Tradesheet
Drillfast Fire Ratings

Fire Rating

Fire Rating – Fire rating by Drillfast, your products, advice and certification in one place. Most comprehensive range stocked for passive fire penetration solutions.

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Drillfast Steel Tradesheet
Drillfast Strut/Pipe Supports


Steel – From drillbits to gloves to site boxes, Drillfast have the range, the price , the stock and delivery all sorted, ready for you!

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Drillfast Trade Sheet Builders Version 4 digital version-01
Drillfast Building & Concerting


Builders – From site security to qualitative fit testing to framing solutions, Drillfast provides the most up-to-date range to enable you to your job fast and safe.

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