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Total Technical Management

Total Technical Management System for compliance is designed to manage your requirements in relation to the Seismic engineering requirements of non-structural elements.

This program is set up to allow for customisation for each project and suited to both the contractors and subcontractors unique needs on-site to save time and close the gaps.

The management system helps to control risk and downtime ensuring accountability, ease and a more reliable outcome.

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Phase 1

1. Design & Form 15

■  Understanding of requirements specifically for the project.

■  Interpretation of Australian Standards to ensure the best design.

■  Submission of design for review and approval.

■  Set up of streamlined format for ease of use by both the subcontractors and Building Certifier.

■  Issue of Form 15 upon approval.

■  Consideration of Chain of Responsibility to ensure risk mitigation.

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2. Product and Training

■  Consideration of Non-Conforming Building Products to reduce risk and increase compliance.

■  Product and installation overview and fit-for-purpose review to connect both product and design for easy interpretation.

■  Product manual established and issued, customisable per project.

■  Supply chain integration to ensure reliable outcome.

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Phase 2

3. Installation

■  Subcontractor engagement and feedback to mitigate risk.

■ TTM System Application for ease of access to approved systems.

■ Sample products issued as necessary.

■ Systems installed & documented as required.

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4. Inspection

■  On-site inspections as required by qualified and experienced engineers.

■  Record of site inspections for compliance.

■  Proven rectification process where required.

■  Inspections based on technical install manuals to remove surprises and delays.

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Phase 3

5. Certification

■   Issue of Form 16 upon completion of the project.

■   Separate Form 16’s can be issued subject to sectional portions and subcontractor requirements.

■   Dedicated contact enabling streamlined process for certification.


6. Documentation

■  Issue of final documentation to industry-accepted standards.

■  Documentation available in both hardcopy and softcopy.

■  Professional format for better client approval and liability cover.

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Regulatory Bodies

Standards and References

Australian Standards:

■  AS1170.4 - Amdt 2:2018

Brochure Download

Please click on the image to download the flyer for a comprehensive overview of the system.

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